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For the Management of Day-to-Day Operations

Real Asset Management’s mobile-enabled asset tracking and data-capture solution helps organizations manage and track their business-critical assets. The system can use barcode, QR code, and NFC technology where required.


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Asset Location Tracking

Suited particularly to the tracking of high-value assets, RAM’s mobile app provides real-time visibility for assets on the move. Having access to vital information, such as the exact location and status of your assets when you need it, is crucial to minimizing loss, improving customer service, and better managing business operations.RAM’s asset tracking app enables organizations to monitor their mobile assets 24/7 and:
  • Reduce operational costs by increasing asset visibility.
  • Access frequent, configurable updates on asset location and status with the click of a button.
  • Improve security with continuous tracking if stolen.
  • Lower insurance premiums.

Asset Issues, Returns and Reservations

Designed for use in any sector, RAM’s mobile app helps organizations track assets on a daily basis. Tracking the assignment of assets to employees, vendors, or customers ensures that no assets get misplaced.

The issue function enables the assignment of an asset and complete management of its timely return. Each time an issue transaction is processed, an audit record is created in the system, providing full visibility and accountability of the asset’s usage. Assets can even be reserved prior to use to ensure speedy collection.

Whether an educational establishment loaning equipment to students, a hospital booking out care equipment to patients or a commercial business tracking the reservation and temporary issue of a central repository of assets to employees, RAM’s app will allow you to:

  • Reduce the loss or theft of portable assets.
  • Improve the asset usage by enabling colleagues to click and reserve assets as needed.
  • Monitor changes in asset condition with updates when an asset is loaned or returned.
  • Identify unused equipment and equipment in short supply through usage reports.
  • Automatically chase overdue/not returned equipment through active email workflows to reduce time spent waiting for assets to be returned.
  • Record a signature upon issue and return of an item to improve accountability. Reports showing asset wastage can include ‘last loan signatures’.
  • Attach and associate electronic documents to assets: document the current loan, photograph the condition, or attach instructions.

Collection and Delivery Management

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Real Asset Management’s mobile app enables the accurate tracking of delivery and collection processes, putting an end to missing assets. Designed with any reusable asset in mind—such as a container, cylinder, pallet, or plastic crate—RAM’s mobile app provides the facility to scan and record the delivery and collection location of assets as well as the condition/status of the item without the need to purchase expensive scanning equipment.

Supported on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices, RAM’s intuitive and easy to use app will enable your business to:


  • Improve asset rotation rate and tracking.
  • Increase efficiency by reducing the time spent searching for assets.
  • Set locations for collection/delivery and manage the whole process.
  • Apply a status/condition to the items being collected/delivered.
  • Upload data to the central asset register.
  • Set your own pick lists for easy data entry, consistency, and reduced human error.
  • Gain online (live) and offline access via the mobile app.
  • Save time with minimal clicks at each location.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs for replacing lost assets.

Fixed Asset Auditing

Frequent physical audits of fixed assets are crucial to verifying what an organisation actually owns in order to ensure the accuracy of related financial records. Using handheld devices that sync with RAM’s central asset register, organisations can track asset location and status with minimal cost and resources.

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The Asset Tracking Mobile app

RAM's mobile asset tracking application is supported by the latest technology and is available for use on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. The asset tracking solution is designed for use on existing mobile devices within your organization and is available for download on the App store, Google Play, or the Windows Phone Store by searching for ‘Track5000s’ or ‘Real Asset Management’.

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Asset Tracking Tags and Hardware



RAM can supply barcode labels to suit any environment or requirement; these are available in various materials including vinyl, polyester, and aluminium. Label design options include a color logo, the barcode, and additional text such as asset number or type.


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PDA Scanning Technology

RAM can supply the latest in handheld scanners for use with the asset tracking software. The leading portable laser scanners guide users through the audit process, continually updating the status of audited and unaudited items on-screen.